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Types Of Lamps-

HPMV Lamps-

Wattage- 400 W, 100 W, 80 W, 250 W, 125 W

Voltage- 125 V, 135 V, 145 V, 150 V, 140 V

Common Description- Standard High Pressure Mercury lamp  Equipped with one or two auxiliary electrodes to ensure quick and reliable ignition

Colour- 542, 27


-Single-ended gas-filled glass bulb (HG-SG) with a quartz mercury vapour discharge tube 

-Internally coated ovoid outer bulb, providing a cool, bluish white light with reasonable color qualities

Luminous Flux- 55  lm/W, 56 Im/W, 57  lm/W, 58 Im/W,  59  lm/W, 60 Im/W, 61  lm/W, 62 Im/W,  63  lm/W, 64 Im/W,  65  lm/W, 66 Im/W,  67  lm/W, 68 Im/W,  69  lm/W, 70 Im/W,  71  lm/W, 72 Im/W, 73  lm/W, 74 Im/W,  75  lm/W, 76 Im/W

HPSV Lamp-

Common Description-

-High Pressure Sodium lamp with clear tubular outer bulb, high output and long reliable lifetime

-High Pressure Sodium lamp with clear tubular outer bulb

Wattage- 400 W, 70 W, 150 W, 1000 W, 250 W

Halogen Lamp-

Lumens per watt- 10 - 35

Lamp life- 1700 - 2500 hrs

Color Temperature- 2800 - 3400 K


-Halogen Lamps are small, lightweight
-Low cost to produce
-Does not use mercury like CFLs(fluorescent) or mercury vapor lights
-Better color temperature than standard tungsten (2800-3400 Kelvin)
-Longer life than a conventional incandescent
-Instant on to full brightness, no warm up time, and it is dimmable


-Extremely hot (easily capable of causing severe burns if the lamp is touched).
-Not as efficient as HID lamps (Metal Halide and HPS lamps)

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  • -Elevated durability
  • -Perfect finish
  • -Optimum brightness
  • -Simple design

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