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Metal Oxide Varister (MOV)


Metal Oxide Varister (MOV)-

Current- 100 A/250 A

Voltage- 18 V, 22 V, 27 V, 33 V, 39 V, 47 V

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High performance transient voltage suppression

Short response time to surge voltage

Low standby power dissipation Excellent clamping characteristics

High performance withstanding surge currents

High reliability hUL, CSA, VDE and SEV recognized


Surge protection in-

consumer electronics

industrial electronics

communication electronics

measuring and controlling systems

electronic home appliances

Protection against surges induced by lighting striking incoming power lines.

Suppression of surges caused by switching inductive loads such as transformers, relays and coils.

Protection of rectification diodes, SCRs, power transistors, semiconductor devices, etc.

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