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Current Rating (AC3): 7A, 9A, 12A, 16A, 25A, 32A, 38A, 40A, 50A, 65A, 80A, 95A, 110A, 115A, 150A,185A, 225A, 265A, 300A, 400A, 500A, 17A, 10A, 630A, 820A, 140A, 275A, 690A, 18A, 22A, 30A, 35A, 60A, 160A, 70A, 100A, 125A, 75A, 220A, 170A, 250A, 145A, 200A, 325A, 525A, 85A, 105A, 205A.

BrandsSiemens, Schnieder
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Common Description: Contactor coil consumes continuous power as long as in operation, AC-3 electrical life expectency of about 2.5 million operation Contacts in the tube will not weld. Arc contained, therefore no gas generated nor flash during operation No deration of rated current up to 1000V AC for 3RT12 and up to 690V AC for 3TF6 Visual inspection window for inspection of contact erosion available for 3RT12 coils and integrated surge supressor.

Voltage Rating: 415 V, 230 V, 690 V.

Control Supply: AC, DC.

Control Voltage: 24V, 110V, 230V, 23V-33V, 83V-155V, 175V-280V, 110V-127V, 220V-240V, 96V-127V, 200V-277V, 220V, 21V-28V, 95V-130V, 220V-280V, 23V-26V, 380V-420V, 110V-132V, 380V-460V, 42V, 48V, 250V, 20V-26V, 240V, 415V, 110-132V.

Aux. Contact Configuration: 1NO, 1NC, 1NO+1NC, 2NO+2NC, 1NO + 1NC, NO, NC, 4NO, 3NO+1NC, 4NO + 4NC, 3NO + 3NC.

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