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Meter - VAF Meter


Accuracy Class- 1.0, 0.5

Input voltage- 4 Voltage inputs (V1, V2, V3, VN), 110 or 415 V L-L nominal

Aux Supply- 80 - 270 V AC, (Control Power) 100 -270 V DC

Frequency- 45 – 65 Hz

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DM6100 Class 1.0 accuracy
DM6100 Class 0.5 accuracy
DM6300 Class 1.0 accuracy with RS485
DM6300 Class 0.5 accuracy with RS485


  • Accuracy Class 1.0,  0.5, as per IEC 62052-11/ IEC 62053-22
  • Elegant single row, backlit LCD display
  • Monitors electrical parameters- Volts, Amps, F & PF Simultaneously, W/VA/Var 
  • Three parameters, name and value at single glance with direct reading of primary values
  • User programmable                                               
  • Smart line indicators to check the healthy phase of input voltage
  • Direct Connection  of metering voltage input upto 480 V ac


  • Energy Billing
  • Control panels
  • Gensets, test benches and laboratories.

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