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Cable - LV


Cable Size - Up to 400 sq. mm. X 3.5 core, 1000 sq. mm x 1 core

Cable Size - Up to 400 sq. mm. X 3.5 core, 1000 sq. mm x 1 core

Material - PVC and Copper

Number of core - 4, 3

Voltage - 1100 V

Material - PVC and Copper

More Details

Features -

  • Provides for excellent mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical properties
  • Can handle higher current ratings that make it possible for using one lower size of cable in comparison to PVC
  • Feature superior emergency overload withstand capacities with overload temperatures of up to 1300 deg C
  • Has better ageing property with resistance to deformation under load conditions
  • Can retain flexibility down up to 400 deg C
  • Features higher short-circuit rating that allows withstanding short-circuit temperatures up to 2500 deg C
  • Offers superior resistance to most chemicals like acids, bases & oils
  • Very less dielectric losses
  • Offers easy jointing & termination
  • Allows easy handling during installation as these cables are of light weight finish

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