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Push Buttons, Pilot Lights, Selector Switch, Actuators, Connectors

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1) Salient Features
This range of 22.5 pushbutton, selectors switches, illuminated switches, illuminated selector switches, and pilot lights have been designed to provide the following salient features:

• Economy of space
• Aesthetically elegant
• Self Wiping Contacts
• Larger operating surface than 30.5 series
•Robust in material of construction
•Simple to fix – screw driver is all that is required

2) Safe in operation

• Fixing method unaffected by excessive vibration-unit does not rotate
• Very good flame resistance
• Protection against electrical shock (unit earthed)
• Shrouded terminals

3) Actuators
The circular actuators have chrome plated metal bezels or double insulated plastic bezels and are
functionally interchangeable on the different types of contact elements.

4) Contact Elements
The contact elements are double break and have self-wiping contacts. The elements are interchangeable and can be stacked without additional hardware. 1 to 6 elements (NO or NC) can be used with pushbuttons and selector switches. For illuminated switches, 1 or 2 elements (NO or NC) can be used.

5) Pilot lights
The pilot lights and illuminated switches are suitable for direct supply with series resistor with diode, using bayonet cap filament bulb type BA9S as follows:
Supply voltage for direct connection without series resistor: 6V – 130V
Supply voltage through series resistor: 12V – 230V
Supply voltage through series resistor and diode: 230V (Bulb-130V)
Bulb: Filament, type BA9S with OAL max., 28m
Pilot lights are also available with LED suitable for operating at various voltages.
Both the contact elements and pilot lights are designed to have terminals with combi screws.

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