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Electrical Meter is mainly used for measuring purpose. There are various types of meters such as Energy meter, Volt meter, Ammeter, Multifunction Meter, Trivector meter, Power Factor Meter, Resistance Meter, etc. These various types of meters are used in measuring various types of parameters such as, Energy Meter is used to measure electrical energy consumed by Residence, Offices or Electrically powered device. The Energy Meter is single phase and three phase. Energy Meter measures the electrical energy in Kwh. There are various companies who manufacturer energy meters such as HPL, Meco, AE, Mahashakti Energy, etc, Similarly voltmeter & ammeter is used for measuring voltage and current, Voltmeter is used in measuring potential difference between two points in an electrical circuit & ammeter is used in measuring current from an electrical circuit. In Voltmeter & Ammeter there are two types as digital &analog. The Multifunction Meter is a meter which measures voltage, current, power, resistance etc. There are various manufacturers of Multifunction Meters such as Schneider Electric, L&T, Selec, Honey well, Meco, Neptune, Rishabh, socomec etc. The Power Factor meter is used to measure power factor in an electrical circuit. It measures the power factor by measuring the phase difference between voltage and current. Similarly resistance meter measures resistance in ohm. It can also be called as ohm meter. Vidyut Bazar provides supplier, Manufacturer information in various types of meters mentioned above & in all brands who manufacturer these types of Meters. As well as vidyutbazar will provides you Product catalogue, datasheet, user manual, Drawing, Video, and presentations.