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High Voltage Motor

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High Voltage Motor

Vidyut Bazar aggregates large range of Medium Voltage & High Voltage Motors. MV/HV Motors are used in industrial areas such as centrifugal pumps, grinders, conveyor belts, blower, ball mill, Suger industry ,Food industry, in hydro power plant etc. The range of HV Motor goes upto 23000kW & 13KV & the range of MV Motors goes upto 7300kW & 6.6KV.The MV/HV Motors have high efficiency, high power factor, superior starting characteristics, high reliability. The various types of MV/HV Motors are squirrel cage motor, slip ring motor, vertical shaft motor, CACA Motors, TEFC Motors. The frame construction of MV/HV motor consists of high resistance solid block and is fitted with external cooling fins. The MV/HV Motors must have extra special accessories such as capacitors, lightning arrestor, current transformer, etc. The MV/HV Motor consists of frame, stator, winding, rotor, insulation system. The main companies who manufacturer MV/HV Motor are Siemens, ABB, WEG, Crompton Greaves, Kirloskar, etc.Vidyut Bazar provides supplier, Manufacturer information in various types of HV Motor in all brands who manufacturer these types of HV Motor. As well as vidyutbazar will provides you Product catalogue, datasheet, user manual, Drawing, Video and presentations.