MCB - Miniature Circuit Breaker
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MCB Miniature Circuit Breaker

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MCB - Miniature Circuit Breaker

Typically MCBs are used for lighting and small power distribution in domestic and industrial wiring. MCBs of 6A, 10Amp, 16 A, 25 Amp are more commonly used for wiring distribution. Typical range available is from 2 Amp to 126Amp. 4 Pole incomers of 32 Amp or 63Amp are typical for distribution boards. Outgoing MCBs are typically Single pole or SPN type with C curve. The C curve is typical for wiring protection. For motor starting and capacitors D curve type MCBs are used which allows inrush current of such loads. Hager, Legrand, ABB, Siemens, Schneider are the typical brands of MCBs. The same range is available with Indian manufacturers like L&T, Havells, Indo-Asian.