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Capacitors (LV)

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Capacitors (LV)

Capacitor is device which stores electric charge, It is composed with two parallel conducting plates separated by non conducting space such as vacuum, air, ceramic, etc. The capacitance depends upon the area of the two conducting plates & the dielectric medium. There are various types of capacitor such as paper capacitor, air capacitor, plastic capacitor, mica capacitor, etc. In low voltage power networks capacitors are used in improving power factor. The Capacitors are used in Power Conditioning, Power Factor Correction, High Pass & Low Pass Filters, etc. The LV Capacitor is manufactured by various companies from 1kVar to 50kVar and above. The manufacturers of Low Voltage Capacitors are L&T, Schneider Electric, Meher, Epcos, Legrand, Eaton, Neptune etc. Vidyut Bazar aggregates in buy leads in wide range of Low Voltage Capacitors.Vidyut Bazar provides supplier, Manufacturer information in various types of LV capacitor in all brands who manufacturer these types of Capacitor. As well as vidyutbazar will provides you Product catalogue, datasheet, user manual, Drawing, Video and presentations.