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Transformer Power Transformer

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    Power Transformer Power rating= 50 MVA ,100 MVA, On Rental Basis, For a period of 6 Months, Qty= 2 Nos more

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    Condition - New

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    Product Details:25 KVA TO 1000 KVAA three phase transformer can be constructed either by connecting together three single-phase transformers, thereby forming a so-called three phase transformer bank, or by using one pre-assembled and balanced three phase transformer which consists of three pairs of single phase windings mounted onto one single laminated core. The advantages of building a single three phase transformer is that for the same kVA rating it will be smaller, cheaper and lighter than three individual single phase transformers connected together because the copper and iron core are used more effectively. In the case of three phase transformer windings, three forms of connection are possible: “star” (wye), “delta” (mesh) and “interconnected-star” (zig-zag).Application:Printing machines Imported appliances Imported machines operating at 110v Product Range - 100000-900000/Piece more

    Condition - New

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Transformer - Power Transformer

Transformer - Power Transformer