Create your Free Business Page & reach to potential buyers in your city
Free Features
  • Allows you to create 1 Business Activity
    ( For eg. Supplier or Channel Partner or Manufacturer or Consultant or Contractor)

  • Add upto 2 Products

  • Add upto 2 Brands

  • Promote your Business in 1 city

  • Publish Unimited Datasheet, Catalogue, Video, Presentation Pricelist.

  • Publish Blogs

  • Liquidate Unlimited Inventory


10,000 (GST Extra)

For Supplier, Traders, Distributors, Wholsalers, Exporters, Importers, Channel Partners
Everything in Free,
  • Add Unlimited Products

  • Add Unlimited Brands

  • Show your All India Sales Office Network

  • Promote Your Business in all your Served Locations All India

  • 5x Slider

  • Company About Us Page


20,000 (GST Extra)

For Suppliers, Manufacturer, Panel Builder, Contractor, Consultants
Everything in SuperReach-Starter,
  • Allows you to create Multiple Business Activity ( For eg. Supplier + Channel Partner + Manufacturer + Contractor)

  • Add Unlimited Market Segment

  • Add Unlimited Applications

  • Display your Infrastructure (Factory, R&D, Quality)

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