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Model- Pc 1044, PC2044, PC444, CT3000

Supply- 110-230VAC

Range- 4 digit / 6 digit / 8 digit

Output- 1,2,3, relay optional, RS485

Size- 48x48, 48x96, 72x72, 96x96

Cutout Size- 44x92, 44x44, 68x68, 92x92

Type of counter- PLC Counter, Batch counter, Programmable preset counter

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Totalizers are the simplest and most common type of counter, used in a variety of applications where accurate totals are needed, including counting the number of parts produced, amount of material used, or the number of machine cycles occurring. Some models can perform both totalizing and ratemeter functions.

Mechanical Totalizers


Eaton’s Mechanical Totalizers offer various size ranges for different duty cycles and environments. No power supply is needed for the units and they provide long life with an always-readable display. Ideal for winding and spooling equipment, position display, and mechanical piece/cycle counting.

Electromechanical Totalizers


Eaton’s Electromechanical Totalizers are available at various price, voltage and size ranges for different duty cycles and environments. They are compact, durable, reliable and have an always-readable display. Ideal for coin-operated equipment, gaming machines, printing presses and secondary machines (e.g., punch press).

Electronic Totalizers


Eaton’s Electronic Totalizers are compact, rugged and provide high efficiency, high accuracy, and fast reset times. Choose various modes, such as adding or subtracting, counting (up or down), differential counting or phase discriminator single or dual evaluation. Large 8-digit LCD or LED displays.

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