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Earthing Pipe/Patti/Plate/Rod


GI Pipe- 50mm x 2000mm, 50mm x 3000mm, 80mm x 2000mm, 80mm x 3000mm, 88mm x 2000mm, 88mm x 3000mm, 100mm x 2000mm, 100mm x 3000mm

More Details

Types of Earthing-

Plate Earthing

Dimension- 60cm x 60cm x 3.18mm 

Material- copper or GI (galvanized iron)

Plate Earthing placed vertically in the ground pit less than 3 meters from the earth.

Pipe Earthing-

Material- galvanized steel 

Pipe Earthing system, pipe is placed vertically in a wet.The size of pipe depends on the soil type and magnitude of current. for the ordinary soil, the pipe dimension should be 1.5 inches in diameter and 9 feets in length. For rocky or dry soil, the pipe diameter should be greater than the ordinary soil pipe. The soil moisture will decide the pipe’s length to be placed in the earth.

Rod Earthing-

Material- copper rod with galvanized steel

Rod Earthing pipe is placed upright in the ground physically or using a hammer. The embedded electrodes lengths in the earth decrease the resistance of earth to a preferred value.

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