To sale New L&T  L&T  Capacitor Duty Contactor MO C15 15 kVAR 1 NO 0 Qty in Pune, Maharashtra

L&T Capacitor Duty Contactor MO C15 15 kVAR 1 NO

  • Brand : L&T
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  • Condition : New


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kVAR rating = 15 kVAR,

Auxilary Contact = 1 NO,

CAT No.= CS96127


Features :
• MO C Range available from 3 - 85 kVAr, AC-6b
• Delatching type early make contacts
• Separate termination for damping resistors
• Encapsulated damping resistor assembly
• Built in surge suppressor
• Common coil for 50 & 60Hz application
• Low pick-up VA consumption
• Standard accessories throughout the range in line with MO contactor
• Lug less termination

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