Cancellation, Return And Refund Policy is a portal where only information is exchanged.Vidyut Bazar is not responsible for any cancellation & return transaction done using this information.

VidyutBazar will allow refund of subscription fees in following cases:
  • If wrong subscription is selected & need to change
  • If return was agreed in written prior to payment
  • If wrong amount Is debited
  • If order summary & payment mismatched
  • If vidyut bazar rejects your business page for any reason
In case you want to cancel your subscription, you need to call at our help line number or email at However once Business Page is activated, it may take some time to completely remove content from our site. Typical time is as follows –
Sr No.Business Page AgeDeactivation Period
1Upto 8 daysWithin 8 days
2Upto 1 monthWithin 8 days
3Greater than or equal to 3 monthsWithin 8 days
4Greater than or equal to 6 monthsWithin 12 months
5Greater than or equal to 6 monthsWithin 36 months