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  1. Annapurna Automation & Controls - A company commit for Delivery, Performance & Value.
    The Company comprehensive portfolio - Ranging from Automation product to Automation project execution. Which addressing a wide spectrum of activities.
    -PLC, SCADA, Touch Panels, Programming.
    -Interfacing process instruments, controllers, Field wiring, Commissioning, Logic Sequence testing.
    -Control Panel Design & Manufacturing. [MCC,PCC,PLC/AC Drive & Control Desk Panels]
    -Promoting  automation products : Smart & Micro smart PLC's, HMI/MMI,Touch Screens,
    Industrial PLC based Marquees, Industrial Panel mounting monitors, AC Drives, Servo & Stepper Motors..
    Annapurna Automation & Controls established in the year of 2003 with a vision of providing advance technology, Fine control & safe operation considering an economical budgetary of a cross platform  integration.


  2. Success of an integrated automation control depends on the ability,to identify customer specific requirement and choice of appropriate technology & equipments. This will help to make better results in design & engineering solutions. We promote tested, proven economy & quality products to customers to implement their system perfectly.The company has built up long term relation with overseas counterparts The  relationship  is built  on  their confidence  in  the  technical  competency  of  Annapurna Automation & Controls.

  3. 'We listen, We understand and We deliver' We  know  that  our clients are expert in their buisness. So we listen to you, understand  your process requirement and design an  operational facility.
    While  also  meeting all your safety & environmental requirements. We have in depth  cross  industry knowledge  and experience that  can translate forecast production capacity in a Re-Design or new  facility.

  •  Expertise & Experience.

    The sweeping success & Excellent field performance in integrated process control backed by our proven design  & work concepts. We have the resources & knowledge you need. We completed various projects in different field of industrial control applications. This projects reflects our technical competency & broad experience.
    Our experience spread across all industries.Nearly every application.
    Some of them are:
    -Effluent water treatment Process
    -Centrifugal / MOPX Classifier
    -Industrial Washing Application
    -CD & Powder Coating process
    Our design programs runs on -
    'Infinite growth through creative evolution' Our proven design & work  concepts  backed  by  excellent  field
    performance, Receptivity of suggestions from customers & implementation  of  required  improvisations insuring continual  enhancement of quality, design and user friendliness.

The services offered to our clients are geared towards facilitating them in all aspects of our interaction with our clients, and to increase the efficiency of their systems. We have paid particular attention to customer support and provide efficient and reliable installation and post sales maintenance support.

Automation Products-

Our proficiency is not limited to core Automation projects but also extends to product promotion.

The company targets to provide industrial automation & control solutions through active Co-operation with global leading companies with a vision of providing advance technology, fine control safe operation with economical cross platform product integration.

The company's leading-edge support capabilities deliver maximum customer satisfaction. Research and development focus directly on market needs, providing high value added products and systems. We tied up with international leading companies & global producer of state-of-the art control products. This proven products ensure total solutions for operability,visibility,saftey and speed through the optimum human-machine interface environment.

The product range includes :

-Smart Relay & Micro Smart PLC

-In-Built Display,Keypad & Input / Outputs PLC

-Monochrome & Colour Touch Screens

-AC Drives

-Stepper Motor & Drive

-Servo Motor & Drive

-Industrial Colour Marquees

-SMPS & Control Units

-ASI Interface Units

-RS 232 to RS 485 Converter


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