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Power Rating- 800 Watt, 1600 Watt, 2400 Watt, 5400, 9000 Watt

Material- lead acid

Capacity (Ah)- 7 Ah to 200 Ah

Warranty-1 year to 2 Year

Battery Type- Acid Lead Battery, VRLA

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High energy density
Stable cycle life
No memory effect
Satisfactory performance at low & high temperatures
Reduced water consumption due to plastic bonded technology
Better electrical performance compared to Fiber plate/Pocket plate technologies
High impact flame retardant poly propylene containers for better robustness
Flame arresting vent caps for easy maintenance
Nickel plated connectors, terminals, lugs and hardware
Electrolyte change is not required during the life of the battery
Long battery life, at low & high ambient temperatures

Usage/Application- Solar, Industrial, Inverter, UPS

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