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    Cable Ties

    Cable Ties

    Manufacturer of Rivia Brand Stainless Steel Cable Ties in Mumbai...
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    City : Mumbai in Maharashtra
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Cable Gland

VidyutBazar Aggregates inventory of wide range of New & Used Cable Lugs and Cable Glands .Cable Glands are used to attach and secure the end of a cable to the equipments or enclosures. Cable Gland holds the cable and avoids excessive stress on termination thus increasing safety. Cable Glands is also used for sealing cables as it passes through gland plates. Cable Lugs are used as a better termination practice in electrical installations. Cable Lug Ensures the proper Connection of Cables to the equipement and provides necessary strength to the termination. Cable Lugs also makes it easy for user to connect and disconnect the equipment during maintenance. Buyer can find inventory for most of the Cable Glands and Cable Lugs like Copper Tube Terminal Lugs, Ring Type Lugs, Fork Type Lugs, Pin Type Lugs, Aluminium Lugs, Reducer, Single Compression Cable Glands, Double Compression Cable Glands, PG Type Cable Gland, CW Type Cable Glands, Nickel Platted Brass Glands offered by all major manufacturers like Dowells, Connectwell, Braco etc. 

In case you are carrying Surplus Inventory of Cable Glands and Cable Lugs you may Upload Inventory on this Portal and reach potential Buyer. VidyutBazar will help you liquidate your Non Moving Inventory.