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About VidyutBazar

We are a group of Electrical & Electronic Engineers.
With rich experience of over 20 years in Electrical, Electronics & Automation Industry we realised that there is big waste of Time, Energy & Money due to lack of information & Quick information.

We observe production loss of over Millions of rupees due to non availability of product worth few thousand rupees.
On the other hand we found loads of non-moving products which was badly required by some user in other part of country.

As a first step towards solving this problem, we created this Platform for manufacturers, Suppliers, Contractors, Panel Builders, Consultant, Importers, Exporters and Freelancers.
You can find Inventories, Buy Leads, Contact Numbers, Address of Product / Service / Solution Providers, Documents, Pricelists, Dimensional Drawings, Videos, User Manuals & lot more on

In short, now you have A Search Engine For Electrical, Electronics & Automation Industry.

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